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Dating, Friendship, a New Start for Love and Fulfillment
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Some people think, that when you enter retirement, dating has lost its attraction. Far from the truth. Lonelyness and the feeling of being abandoned, are more likely to be the prevalent emotions. Looking for a nice companion to share, whatever one does, is therefore an important activity. Though, dating is not easy. When you have a certain age and a set way of behaving, it becomes more difficult to accept, that someone else does things differently.To find someone you like, trust and feel comfortable with, becomes more difficult every day.

Even if a person is very active and outgoing, once one leaves working life, there are fewer chances to meet people. In America, there is always the Church, or maybe a sports, or golf club. Sometimes, Senior Clubs are a good place to meet new people. Or often travel is a way to make friends. Voluntary work as well is a source for new acquaintances.

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There are not many other places of contact. You get up in the morning, go for a walk, read your newspaper, maybe drive to the stores to do some essential food shopping, obviously alone, have lunch in a cafeteria or even restaurant. Maybe you go to a sports club, then sit in the car again to go home. So where are the points, where one can meet anyone? And, what is the answer?

Date lines and personal advertisements have become an accepted way to get to know someone new.

Below are a whole list of accepted internet date lines. Most are straight forward, you register and pay a registration fee. Then you get access to singles in your area, who are also looking for companionship, sometimes more.


Responding to an unknown person carries some risks. Don't be paranoid, but weigh your risk carefully. If you arrange to meet someone, meet, until you know the person well, in a public place. You're an adult, and you should know what to do and where your limits are. Use normal caution and your judgement.

Consulting these pages or sites and embarking on a relationship is your own, and solely your responsibility and senectutis cannot be held liable for consequences of any kind that result!


Nationwide and International Dating or Friendship Sites
These are not Porn Sites!

We constantly test the sites we recommend. We look at reliability, that the site really offers what it says and, whether there are any hidden costs.

The sites shown below are considered reliable, easy to use and not very expensive for what you get. But, people have had their successes, and failures, with them. The people who tested these sites for us (mostly some of our senior, over 50ies, employees) without exception, said, that they would continue to use these dating sites. - genuine people, REAL LOVE
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Photo Personals
Meet people in your area!

""We guarantee you'll find someone special within 6 months. Don't wait. Make Love Happen™ now! - Dating in the United Kingdom ""
Click to receive a FREE Compatibility Profile on eHarmony ($50 Value) dating website with webcam chat Lavalife: Where Singles Click!
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The virtual Magazine for Singles, or as they say in French:
Le magazine virtuel des célibataires
Reseau Contact
A meeting place -
in French - Site de rencontre francophone - it is not only for French people, but you have to speak French! The site is in Quebec!
Well it has to be French, so you better get your phrasebook out!
This is a French Portal Site, but it has a good date line!
3 Months for the Price of 1 Make Friends Online
The Swinging Crowd!
Dating Direct
A UK based site catering for the over 25 year olds
Russian Ladies
Stunning Foreign Brides

This group is in London, but who knows maybe you go there to visit!

10,000 Russian Single Women

And what do you do when you have found the Right Person?

Well, you invite her, or him, to lunch, maybe later dinner and, maybe at a later date, to your home. Don't be pushy, you are no longer a 20 year old price stallion! Be civilized, you have to be a bit nice about it. Get the right wine and the right snack. Chocolates and cakes are always a nice touch. So is a glass of wine!

Here are some links with suggestions about a

...nice dinner, a glass of wine..

It would be difficult to impress her more than if you created a bottle of wine with her name. Signaturewines offers you that!

You have given chocolates before, just never like this! Wine Enthusiast - Ultimate wine accessories site!
The Wine Enthusiast - Wine Cellars, Wine Accessories, Wine Racks, Wine Glasses and more.
Buy Authentic Mexican Food at!
Do you want some authentic Mexican Food sent to your Home? Click here! ~ Premier Gemstone Jewelry
Maybe you need some Jewelry to "spark the fire"!
Mr. Beer Home Microbrewery
Not everyone is a wine lover. And who would say no to a good glass of beer on a hot day. This site offers you a Microbrewery!
Send gifts, flowers, balloons, and baskets.

..some nice chocolates...

These are Chocolate Heavens. Try them and you will be an addict for life! They will ship to anywhere in the world. You will get the best chocolate from Switzerland, and some of the best chocolate cakes from Austria! A bit far away? Well, they will ship worldwide! There is even a Swiss Confiseur (maker of fine cakes and chocolates) in the U.S.A. now. Try him out, you will not be disappointed!

Luxury chocolate gifts from France
Sweeten her up! Send her chocolates she can't resist! They will ship without problems!
Zurich, Switzerland

Welcome to the world of Teuscher Chocolates of Switzerland!
They ship to anywhere in the World!
Confiserie Sprüngli
Zurich, Switzerland

Chocolates, Pralinés, Truffles
that make the mouth water
They ship to anywhere in the World!

(in English and German)
Cafe Sacher
Wien Austria

Here too, you can order online
The Sacher Torte, a delight in Chocolate that will melt any heart!
Worldwide delivery!
(In English and German and you can Reserve a room at the Hotel at the same time!)
André's Confiserie Suisse
5018 Main Street
Kansas City, Mo  64112
Another Chocolate Dream - Closer to Home if you live in the USA - But they have not forgotten how to make Chocolate, the Swiss Way!
If you think that the Swiss only make Chocolates and Watches, you have one thing coming! Just look at the meat specialities here! Shipped all over the USA
Continental Sausage
911 E. 75th Ave.
Denver, CO 80229
You can order Cheeses and Sausage Specialities online!

...there is always the old standby...but could be more adventurous! What about...

Find Singles over 40 in your area. Join for Free!

...a short vacation, or a cruise?

A short winter vacation (off season) in Paris, London, Berlin, Madrid or Prague might just be the ticket you always needed to get some "Swing" into your life! If you plan carefully, and look for the right prices, it is well within your reach! Maybe you want to go to Arose, Kitzbuehl, Zermatt, Davos or St. Moritz to ski with your friend. Or just to have a walk in the beautiful alpine landscape! These are by no means cheap places, but what they offer is really superb!

On the other hand, if you want the exotic, Kuoni is the right address to go to. They are not cheap, but they are worth it!

Book your flights and hotels online NOW! Click here for cheap hotels
Well Priced Hotels all over Europe and the USA

Kuoni, A Swiss Company that offers outstanding Vacations - United Kingdom Site

Some of the lowest International Airfares!

There are other exotic places to go to. What about Malta or Cyprus? Even Rome in winter has its charm and you can go for beautiful strolls around Milan or Bologna, filling your day with visits to the museums, window shopping, eating in your favorite bistro - if you do not have one yet, you definitely will by the end of the week - drinking some outstanding wine, then having a siesta, before you go out to have an apero before you get down to dinner again and drink another bottle of wine and then some Grappa or another "eau de vie"! is so much nicer when you have a companion to share it with!

Love Scent Pheromone Products

...or a gift, flowers, some more wine?



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