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Keeping Your Computer in shape

Maintaining your computer, Registry Fix, Antivirus, Anti Adware and Antispy software, Firewalls, Inkjet Ink, Computer supplies, Open Office and other Free Software
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Keeping your Computer in Shape

Maintaining your computer, Registry Fix, Antivirus and Antispy software, Open Office and other Free Software, How to take care of your computer, Suppliers of Software and Hardware you might want to buy, How to get free Software without worrying about Trojans and malware;

You might think this is an odd page for a retirement site. But the fact that you read it, shows me that it is not. Your computer has become a major communication tool in your life, therefore you should look after it. The computer, and through it, the Internet, is not only a source of information, maybe a tool for purchasing things and more, it is also a way of managing part of your life. Maybe, you have not started to do your personal financials on the computer, but in the not too distant future you will, because, BANKS WILL START TO ASK YOU TO PAY FOR EVERYTHING YOU WILL DO ON THEIR COUNTERS.

We don't want to be technical about the computer and we assume that you have acquired the best machine you can afford or were willing to pay for. Thus, this page is simply about keeping what you have, healthy and functioning.


The greatest threat to your machine, your lifeline to the outside world, comes from two sources: One is Viruses, Trojans and AdWare and the other is faulty programs (often some Java scripts) that corrupt your computers registry. Both can create havoc on your system and, unless you are quite savvy about computers will require some external help to rectify the problem. Unless you have a "6 year old wizzkid" in your family, who can solve any problem on your system, computer help is almost always expensive, and there are better ways to spend your money.

Viruses, Trojans, AdWare Protection and Firewalls, Identity Theft Protection and Complete Security Suits

Most companies that offer DSL and ADSL lines also offer Virus protection programs that install themselves when you install their access program. The problem is that a Virus, Trojan etc. protection program is only as good as its constant updates. Many of these providers are rather sloppy with their updates. The updates appear to come in phases. On our systems we receive, at the moment almost daily updates on Virus Protection and Firewall programs. And that is how it should be. The producers of these programs are so prolific and there are now so many of them that your computer is constantly being attacked with new variations of viruses. Our recommendation is that even if your Internet Access Provider offers such programs, go and get additional protection by subscribing to one of the creators of Antivirus, AdWare Protection and Firewall Programs. It is well worth it.

Some of the best Anti Virus Programs we found are the ones shown below. We have operated all of them on various computers around our group and they all worked.

A good deal is at the moment a one year download contract which you can get from multiple suppliers. The packages usually offer comprehensively safeguards for your computers, home network and personal identity. Email, shop, share pictures, bank, and instant message, confident that this award-winning software will repel malicious attacks and reduce time-wasting interruptions. Trend Micro Internet Security also features free phone support and TrendSecure™, additional security software and online services. And with an optional download protection it will cost you under $ 100 for one year. It is compatible with almost every Windows System. *comfortable protective face masks

Interserver Webhosting

Other Well Priced Products are shown below.

* A complete Internet auto-attendant & voicemail system accessible by phone, email, or the web, my1voice seamlessly integrates with all of your telephones and connects calls to you and your employees regardless of location or phone type.
* For $29.95 (sometimes for $19.95) you get Powerful Antivirus Protection that stops viruses, worms, Trojan horse, and identity-theft tools and protects against emerging viruses before they attack. There is a Network and Program Firewall. that delivers active firewall protection with multiple layers of security while remaining completely invisible to hackers. There is also a Operating System Firewall (OSFirewall™) . SmartDefense™ Service. Email Security that quarantines suspicious attachments. You get Wireless PC Protection which automatically detects wireless networks and secures your PC from hackers

If your computer has been infected by Spyware, you have to remove it. One of the reliable programs to do that is SpyNoMore. It scans, cleans and blocks spyware as well as any other good anti-spyware product, but with one big advantage, Custom Fix (patent pending). Spyware programs are growing more sophisticated by the day. Spyware writers show up to work daily and write new spyware programs, which keeps them a step ahead of anti-spyware programs. Hence, relying on detection database updates alone is proving less and less effective. That is why we came up with Custom Fix which is a unique tool that guarantees removal of any infection.

Described briefly, if your PC is infected with a stubborn spyware that is just not being removed by conventional anti-spyware methods, Custom Fix allows you to upload a report to our server for manual review. Our Technical Support Staff will review your report, pin-point the problem, and issue you back a "Fix" that is specifically tailored to address your problem.


Once you have installed any of these programs, you should no longer have any trouble. One thing to be aware of though, if you leave the computer for weeks alone and do not use it, you will have to (automatically) download the updates the next time you switch it on. It is therefore recommended to switch your computer on from time to time, even if you do not use it, so that the antivirus and other security updates can download themselves.

MAGIX Audio Cleaning Software

Registry Faults that make your Computer slow down

Every Microsoft Windows operating system has a registry. The registry is one of the core programs in your computer. Without getting into too much technical details, it is the program which tells your computer where everything is on the hard disk, how it is organized and which programs or parts of programs belong together. The registry can become corrupted through normal use. If you download a lot of programs from the internet, it is even more likely that there are entries in the registry that are no longer needed and have not been removed. The registry is not a program that you can enter and "fiddle around on". If your system is slow and you are harassed by DLL errors, or plagued by constant Blue Screens (error) then you might have to look at your registry.

It is something that has to be approached professionally. Usually, this is done with a specialized program that checks it and then removes entries no longer needed or corrects corrupt entries. Leaving these entries on there will slow down your computer and make it work a lot less efficiently then it is supposed to. It can also cause your system to shut down more often than it should.

The programs are simple to use and easy to install and the small investment is well worth it. We have used the ones below and have never had any problems.

Intelserver webhosting

Registry Problems

* Has your computer slowed down lately? The slower it runs and the more it crashes? Often this phenomenon is caused by problems in the registry that accrue over time. Installing and uninstalling programs leave behind fragments -- stray files, orphaned startup tasks, corrupted drivers. Over time the registry starts to get bogged down and conflicts emerge. Left unchecked, your system will become increasingly unstable, run more slowly and crash more frequently.


Many locations exist that are the cause of the most common PC troubles. We have pinpointed these locations, and our free scanner allows you to scan for invalid registry entries that might be causing your PC issues. The software will inform you of where the errors exist, and what potential errors they might cause.

Valuable Open Software that you can get and use legally free of charge

While hardware prices have been slashed and are constantly being lowered, software costs have been increasing. If you change, for instance from Windows XP to Windows 10, you will notice that you need some new software. And that can costs you a lot more than the purchase of your new faster system!

We do not advocate that you jump and download every new free software that is offered. This would slow down your system very quickly. Every time you install a new piece of software and then discard it by sending it to the recycle bin, some bits of it will remain on your system and take up valuable space! Though, you should be aware about what you need and what you want on your computer. Then decide, which piece of software you want to download.

Windows based systems have the greatest choice o these Open Source Application Program offers. Apple users are a lot more restricted and LINUX users have almost nothing on offer. Let us give you a list of software you might consider!

Browsers Chrome (Google) Browsers are one of the most important pieces of software one needs, especially with all the programs that are increasingly provided via the internet. Chrome has established itself as and uncomplicated "clean browser" without all the "bells and whistles" that are attached to Explorer and Firefox. If you want them you can download them as add-ons. Though, Chrome has managed to become the shining example for browser technology. Now, if you distrust Google and its thirst for data collection, then you could have a problem. Although, there are sufficient means to stop any unwanted data collections about you built into the system!
Fixed Disk Back-up Program Backup & Recovery Free Advanced Edition (Paragon) Making a back-up on a Windows based system, unlike on the Mac, is still relatively complicated. But the more information you have on your system, the more likely you would like to do that. Just in case......This programs allows you to make automated back-ups schedules on a specific time on a specific day. There is a pay version as well, but for most private users the free version will do everything you want it to do!
Virus Protection BitDefender Free Edition go to the following page for the Free Version Free Edition is an on-demand virus scanner, which is best used in a system recovery or forensics role. If you are on an "always-on" Internet connection, we strongly advise you to consider using a more complex antivirus solution. The free version has to be activated when you are on the internet. It does not activate itself like the pay version!
E-Mail Thunderbird This is a full version e-mail program and comes from the Mozilla Foundation. You can have multiple e-mails (POP and IMAP Servers) which the program, usually finds from its own database. You can also add address books and link it to G-mail accounts. The program is easier to handle than Outlook. And remember with Windows 10.0 you will have to buy Outlook as a special program.
Office Programs Open Office Open Office is a complete free Office Suite with a Word Processor, Spread Sheet and a presentation program like Power Point. It is in every aspect as good as Microsoft Office. It was written by Sun. As Sun has been bought by Oracle, the Open Office Suite has been placed into a Charitable Trust. Oracle is not part of that trust, though it continues to work on the Open Office programs.
PDF Reader Adobe Reader You will always need a PDF reader on your computer. So many documents are now written in that format and the Adobe Reader has now become the accepted standard. There is an alternative to Adobe with the PDF Reader from Nuance. It offers all sorts of conversions (e.g. to MS Word .doc format etc).
Photo Albums Picasa Picasa is free photo editing software from Google that makes your pictures look great.
Sharing your best photos with friends and family is as easy as pressing a button!

You do not have to worry about malware and Trojans, if you download from the above sites. There are other alternatives to some of the programs, but we have not tested them and we do not know about the quality of the download site. Select what you need and then enjoy your computer!

Up to 10,000 calling minutes to landlines for one low monthly fee - the new Skype calling subscriptions.

Computers should bring please and enjoyment. For many people, especially elderly people, they provide a life line to the outside world and a means to communicate with others, through chat lines and blogs. In addition, they enable you to keep up with relatives and grandchildren through photos and videos sent via the computer. So, look after it and keep it in good shape.

Here are some additional sources for buying good quality hardware or software and consumables like inkjet supplies for your printer!

It is not our intention to turn you into some computer geek (we have no objection to that, if it is what you want!). but if you are really, really, really bored, here are some books that might help you. Amazon has also an amazing range of computer and software products, Check them out

Books from

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If you have enough money and you want to spend some on upgrading your computer or buying some new hard- or software, here are some companies and products you might want to consider.

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