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How to Advertise that you are Looking for Job as an Elderly Care Nurse, Caregiver or Companion

Sample Jobs Search Advertisement

This is a type of small advertisement for busy people! It requires ten minutes and a bit of thought to set up and after payment you send it to the address given to you by e-mail. These adverts are meant to stimulate potential employers and recruiters to contact you and ask for a resume from you!

Sample Short Job Search Advertisement


Phone: (Optional)
Looking for Position as:

Resident Caregiver/Companion
Current Location:
Requires Visa

Desired Location
South Eastern USA


3 Years of Caregiver and Resident Companion Service
Education and Training:
High School,
Trained Caregiver
Can start immediately,

Starting Date:

Buy this advertisement for 60 days on

Short Job Search Advertisement Posted for 60 days, 150 words with your e-mail address for direct receipt of job offers. Posting instructions will be sent after payment! US$ 14.99 Click Here To Buy!
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The advertisement with a maximum of 150 words will be placed on our
job search site

Give us your input, we will edit it!

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The other resume posting option you have is for posting a full resume on our Jobs Advertising site ( and in association with JobLine International and on their site for 120 days

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Posting Instructions will be sent by e-mail with payment confirmation after payment.

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